Chiesa Ignano 1778, Irene and Gabriele thanks all the new guest hosted in our  Borgo.

Chiesa Ignano 1778  thanks the stylist Carolina Bergonzoni ,  the Photographer Valentina De Meo that choose our location for the " Secret Garden"  fashion shooting, please visit our Styling menu on the top Thanks-Styling  or the click the link under

We start the hosting operations 10 August 2013  and  we have hosted here guests from the following country:


December 2016 after our fifth years of operation we had thousends of  guests from all over the world, we meet lot of new friends so we want to thanks all with a big hugs and wish eveybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS! ( reopening March 2017)




We thanks the new guests from Cyprus, China and Korea as new country for us, and the many family from our Emilia area as all new guests here.

August-september 2013

Germany, Luxemburg, Belarus, U.S.A., and  from Ireland. A special thanks at all the new italian guests and hope to have you here again soon.

October-november 2013

We thanks our new guest  first time here from Norway, New Zealand (first kiwi), and Austria and again Germany

and the new italians guest coming from Venice ,Rome, Florence, Naples and surprisingly Bologna.

We  thanks also our new guest from Tunisia and Greece.

December-january 2013

We thanks our new guest first time here  Romenian and again italian family from  Rome,  at the end of this first year of operations we experienced many italian customer from Rome  ....probably they feel how much our photographer Belinda love the "eternal city". If you like to see  Rome photos of Belinda click the link under: 

We thanks particullary Elizabeth, Geert, Agnethe, Mohamed,Uwe, Patrick, Angelo and the anonymus italians that give us great vote on .

February-march 2014

Well no word for this nice new guests we had this months, they had trekking in the park mountain, visited the nearest tuscany town, and obviously the Bologna movida at night...a warm " arrivederci" a Dirk family,Alfredo, Salvatore and Helene and Simone from Holland , and the other guests we had first time at Chiesa Ignano 1778...ah and hello to Stella from Brussels ( and her fabolous family) i hope she will enjoi the new life in Rome!

 Summer 2014 Sorry too many guests-friends here i can't update all the country...  

Winter  2014  After  more then one year of operation we experienced so many guests from all over the world, so we are sorry we can't  thanks any specific name, but we want to thanks all our friends -guests in a big imaginary hugs, everyone bring us a piece of the  original country and culture  we are delighted to share this experience , and  is incredible how far they travel and at the end they arrive here at our Chiesa and italian each time i see a car  reaching our parking on a top of the hill i still wonder how small is the world. So no more word to say. . grazie grazie grazie ...and if you like just follow our blog on Tumblr with the latest news from our family  and resort operations..again  thanks grazie a tutti!

a warm welcome to our worldwide friends .

Season 2015  we have more and more worldwide guests, we thanks the returned one, the very very big friends of us that will back for the third time next season 2016, thanks for the 1 year advance reservation , and i hope all new guests will enjoi our new mini-pool with hydromassage, and colourtheraphy with  our hot spring water .

I personally thanks also the staff of Joomla project of Italy that helped in the web operation, the Joomla development team that worked hard and give such a wonderful product to all the world comunity , thanks for sharing all, thanks for the Joomla day. 


Gabriele, Irene and all family Bolgeri

Chiesa Ignano 1778