The roses are very important for us, at Chiesaignano we belive that  flowers can help for live in harmony with nature and life.  As an old romans poet Ovidio born 43 BC  said   " the sharp thorns often produces delicates roses".

Here at Chiesaignano farm  our guest can discover the flowers and the history of the roses, each one have a story to tell and around thousend of them with different ranges of colours in the blooming season can be a faboulos world to discover.  And if you like at the end of your holiday you can buy some plants from our nursery.

The roses collection at Chiesaignano is  mainly divided in old roses that bloom mostly one time a year and 60-90 years roses called Vintage beacuse of the charme of this years.  This roses are tea hybrid with big flowers , very scented and with various name as: Valencia , Baron Giroud,  Parole , and so on.  The roses are all biologic we do not use any kind of insecticide here, simply we do not need, we are not a big extensive producer of plants and we have a very perfect climate for growing roses here. That means dry spring and summer, with fresh wind and not much rain and cold and dry winter with altitude of 350 mt.  so  the most important fungal disease are very rare. Some time we have strong south wind here , called in Tuscany libeccio wind ( come from south mediterranean sea) this damage the flowers, but not the plant.

The collection started in the year 60 and my grandfather Tano Medici was the person in charge of the botanic garden of the University of Bologna ( The roses surrounding the old "borgo" of Chiesa di Ignano, and the blooming season, start in the month of May and end for some roses in October.  The damask roses (rose damascene) are hybrid of Rosa con damascena are full rapresented in the collections. The origin is not clear but come in Europe around 13 century probably from Mediterranean anatolia and Damascus . In the ancient Paestum near Naples was a rose -growing centre famous for Damask plants. This kind of variety of roses are famous for the scented and is possible to produce the Rose parfoum with Tringitipetala damask. Lavander plants are also well growing at Chiesaignano , and  walking thru the plants  is very relaxing.    Actually the number of roses plants are reached  thousend, we exchange plants with others botanic gardens and collector to increase year after year the number of roses at Chiesaignano.

Our philosophy is :"a single rose can be my garden , a single friend my world."  Leo Buscaglia italo-american writer and Professor at Univerity of Southern California.

Again , welcome at Chiesaignano 1778 !