Rosemary , called " the wonder herb" , many plants of rosemary are in our  historic park  mixed with lavender and roses. Some plants are more then thirty years old, my grandfather Tano Medici planted in the years 60/70. Rosemary is an evergreen perennial shrub, best known for its strongly aromatic, needle-like evergreen leaves. The flowers are purple. The herb in folk usage signifies friendship, remembrance and loyalty, but in cosmetic application has a variety of uses. Rosemary is believed to have benefits on various diseases and conditions such as prevention of bronchial asthma, spasmogenic disorders, peptic ulcer, inflammatory diseases, hepatotoxicity, atherosclerosis. You can walk in our officinalis park with roses, lavender and rosemary scent, and relax the nice atmosphere.  The project " Herbal Teas" will start in the season 2014 with our organic rosemary plants.