If you like our website and want to know more about our family why don't have a look at the Instagram page of our official Photographer Miss. Belinda Bolgeri.  Please click the red link under at the end of this page.

The photo of this website , the Flickr Album , The Tumblr Blog,  Instagram ,and the social network Facebook are property of Belinda Bolgeri and can be licensed with Creative Common attribution Italy, please ask for further informations. The Photo of Italy, Florence, Rome, Bologna  Greece, and around the world are all made by Belinda Bolgeri. The photo of set  Natura in our Flickr album are taken in monte Sole  Natural and Historic Park.

Mrs . Belinda Bolgeri thanks Mr. Pierre -Olivier Deschamps , the Atelier, the Vu Agency the professionals who have allowed me to spend some wonderful months in Paris, again thanks .